Artikel-artikel Vincent Bevins Seputar – Genosida 1965-1966 (“The Jakarta Method – Washington’s Anti-Communist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World”)

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The Jakarta Method

Washington’s Anti-Communist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World by Vincent Bevins


In 1965, nearly one million unarmed civilians were killed in Indonesia with active U.S. assistance. This was the end of a decade-long attempt to stop the rise of the largest communist party outside the USSR and China. The resulting dictatorship buried the truth until this day, but the massacre shook the world. Left-wing movements radicalized, afraid of suffering the same fate as the unarmed Indonesians, and the world’s committed anticommunists – especially in Brazil and Chile – learned from the mass murder, creating terror campaigns named after the Indonesian capital.

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How ‘Jakarta’ Became the Codeword for US-Backed Mass Killing – Vincent Bevins – nybooks

This essay is adapted from the author’s book The Jakarta Method: Washington’s Anticommunist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program That Shaped Our World, published this week by Public Affairs. 

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I’m happy to see Vincent Bevins’s book The Jakarta Method being released. He has uncovered much new information about how the complete destruction of the PKI in 1965-66 became a model to follow for military officers in South America. The story of “Jakarta is coming” being a slogan in Chile before Pinochet’s coup is legendary but the details of the transnational connections have remained unknown. I’m still not sure why Latin American specialists have not brought out this information before. It certainly changes how the history of the mass disappearances in Chile and Argentina should be written and it confirms the importance of the argument that I’ve been making, that the mass killings of 1965-66 should be understood as mass disappearances. (status facebook John Roosa)


Tinjauan-Resensi / Resume / Diskusi Buku (Review) The Jakarta Method : Washington’s Anti-Communist Crusade and the Mass Murder Program that Shaped Our World – Vincent Bevins 2020 (dwi-bahasa)

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What the United States Did in Indonesia (2017) – VINCENT BEVINS

A trove of recently released documents confirms that Washington’s role in the country’s 1965 massacre was part of a bigger Cold War strategy.

The methods Suharto used may have inspired other Washington-backed right-wing putsches around the world. According to several accounts of Santiago, Chile, in the days before the U.S.-backed coup that deposed Salvador Allende, cryptic graffiti showed up on walls around the city. Referring to the capital of Indonesia, they read, “Jakarta is coming.”


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Pembunuhan Massal 1965: Apa yang Amerika Lakukan kepada Indonesia?


In Indonesia, the ‘fake news’ that fueled a Cold War massacre is still potent five decades later (2017)


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Blood Money : Indonesia Wage Theft and The Massacre Premium – By KEN SILVERSTEIN

Direct U.S. support for the massacres is by now a well-established fact. In 2017 the nonprofit National Security Archive, along with the National Declassification Center, published extensive diplomatic cables covering “that dark period,” as an excellent story by Vincent Bevins in The Atlantic said at the time. “Untold numbers were tortured, raped, and killed simply for being accused of being communist,” Bevins wrote. “Simply for their political beliefs, they were subjected to mass slaughter. Across the country, one by one, Indonesians were shot, stabbed, decapitated or thrown off cliffs into rivers to be washed into the ocean,” Bevins observed in a piece for The Washington Post.


Noam Chomsky on Our Wonderful Indonesian Moderates


Vincent Bevins also reported in the Atlantic, “While the newly declassified documents further illustrated the horror of Indonesia’s 1965 mass murder, they also confirmed that U.S. authorities backed Suharto’s purge. Perhaps, even more, striking: As the documents show, U.S. officials knew most of his victims were entirely innocent.” Again, this is accurate reporting but fails to mention mainstream press culpability, endorsement, if not outright denial of the US backing of Suharto for three decades.

Architects of Mass Slaughter – Malik Miah

In The Atlantic (Oct. 20, 2017) using documents released by the National Security Archive, Vincent Bevins explains:

“Some elements within the U.S. government had been trying to undermine or overthrow Sukarno, Indonesia’s anti-colonial independence leader and first president, far before 1965. In 1958, the CIA backed armed regional rebellions against the central government, only calling off operations after American pilot Allen Pope was captured while conducting bombing operations that killed Indonesian soldiers and civilians. Agents reportedly went so far as to stage and produce a pornographic film starring a man wearing a Sukarno mask, which they hoped to employ to discredit him. It was never used. Then for years, the United States trained and strengthened the Indonesian army. After John F. Kennedy›s death derailed a planned presidential visit to Jakarta and relations worsened with the Johnson administration, Sukarno strengthened alliances with communist countries and employed anti-American rhetoric in 1964.

Beberapa artikel Vincent Bevins tentang Brasil

(dari beberapa artikel ini nampak bahwa Brazil sempat bersiap memasuki tahap membuka sejarah kelam kekejian pemerintah diktator masa lalu, namun dengan terpilihnya Jair Bolsonaro terjadi arus balik bahkan hingga tendensi kembalinya watak kekuasan yang diktatorial)

Brazil finally ready to confront abuses in past dictatorship Brazil finally ready to confront abuses in past dictatorship 


Brazil’s military to cooperate in dirty war investigation 

Brazil exhumes remains of leftist president deposed in 1964 coup

Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil’s Would-be Dictator

tentang operasi jakarta di chili simak

CIA dan Operasi Jakarta di Chile –

 11 September 1973: Kudeta Berdarah Cile Tiru Indonesia –


Seri Kompilasi Kajian Ilmiah Genosida 1965-1966 

Asvi Warman Adam,Baskara T. WardayaAriel Heryanto,Robert CribbAnnie PohlmanJohn RoosaSaksia WieringaKatharine McGregorPeter Dale ScottBenedict AndersonVannessa HearmanJess MelvinNoam ChomskyBradley Simpson, Geoffrey RobinsonGreg PoulgrainAlex de JongAndre VltchekTaomo Zhou Soe Tjen Marching, Peter Kasenda, Aiko Kurasawa,Vijay Prashad,Akihisa Matsuno  , Ruth Indiah RahayuNathaniel MehrAdam Hughes Henry Henri Chambert-Loir, Wim F.Wertheim, Steven FarramSri Lestari Wahyuningroem , Joss WibisonoLeslie Dwyer – Degung Santikarma, Vincent Bevins,Wijaya Herlambang, Budiawan, Ong Hok HamRex Mortimer, Olle Törnquist, Max Lane, Hilmar Farid , Michael G. Vann Gerry van KlinkenGrace Leksana, Ken SetiawanAyu RatihYosef DjakababaAan Anshori, Muhammad Al-Fayyadl, Roy MurtadhoDeirdre Griswold , David T. HillYoseph Yapi Taum, Aboeprijadi Santoso, Adrian Vickers, John Gittings, Jemma PurdeyHenk Schulte NordholtMartijn EickhoffMade SurpriatmaDahlia Gratia Setiyawan, Uğur Ümit Üngör, Manunggal Kusuma WardayaGloria Truly EstrelitaWulan DirgantoroKar Yen LeongWulan DirgantoroMuhidin M. DahlanDhianita Kusuma PertiwiElsa ClavéJustin L. WejakDouglas KammenMartin SuryajayaMuhidin M Dahlan

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Daftar Isi Perpustakaan Genosida 1965-1966

Road to Justice : State Crimes after Oct 1st 1965 (Jakartanicus)



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Definisi yang diusulkan D. Nersessian (2010) untuk amandemen/ optional protocol Konvensi Anti-Genosida (1948) dan Statuta Roma (2000) mengenai Pengadilan Kejahatan Internasional. (disalin dari Harry Wibowo


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