“Terlena : Breaking of a Nation”* : Artikel-artikel Andre Vltchek Tentang Indonesia, Surga Fasisme dan ‘Warisan’ Kejahatan Genosida 1965-1966

*Terlena : Breaking of a Nation* adalah judul film Andre Vltchek 
TERLENA is the first full length documentary about the impact of 1965 entirely shot in Indonesia, using exclusively Indonesian testimonies, including those of former President Abdurrahman Wahid, one of the greatest living novelists and former prisoner of conscience Pramoedya Ananta Toer, leading historian Asvi Warman Adam, world-famous archeologist and former prisoner of conscience Sutayasa, Djokopekik – painter based in Jogjakarta, Bondan Nusantara – ketoprak (traditional Javanese drama) actor and script-writer in Jogjakarta, Marco Kusumawijaya – leading Indonesian architect and urbanist, Ester Jusuf – human rights lawyer, Ilham Aidit – architect and son of the killed PKI leader, as well as many other important political and cultural figures.
TERLENA is not just a “dry”, straight-forward documentary. It is full of music (traditional and modern); it moves from historic footage to the present-day slums and traffic jams, from the offices of political parties to Indonesian countryside, art galleries and theatre stages.
(petikan wawancara Rossie Indira)
Terlena : Breaking of a Nation
Andre Vltchek: Writer, Producer and Director
Linda Puroaho: Photographer and Editor
Max Holm: 2nd Photographer
Rossie Indira: Translator and Production Manager



wawancara selengkapnya Terlena :Breaking of a Nation



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The main purpose of the film is to revisit the past of Indonesia, ask provocative questions and challenge the propaganda of Orde Baru. It also deals with the evidence of the US involvement in the events of 1965, as well as with the impact these events had on the present life of the nation. It hopes to provoke lively discussion in Indonesia and abroad and to positively influence the course of development of this country.

Apa yang disampiakan Rossie Indira terkait tujuan film Terlena : Breaking of a Nation menjadi karakter dan watak tulisan-tulisan Andre Vltchek tentang Indonesia. Ketika ia memotret masa kini dan membayangkan masa depan Indonesia, ia tak bisa luput dari meneropong serta merefeleksikan masa lalu Indonesia, terpenting diantaranya adalah genosida 1965-1966. Vltchek juga menyimpulkan bahwa kekejian Genosida telah membentuk Indonesia hari ini dan mewariskan jejak kebusukan yang dalam misal saja dalam artikelnya Racism and Sexual Violence in Indonesia ia menuliskan

After all, Indonesia is the country where sexual terror against women has been something entirely usual, biasa, since the days of the Western-backed coup of 1965.  

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beberapa film Andre Vltchek (sayang sekali tak ditemukan trailer Terlena : Breaking of a Nation)

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