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simak trailer Indonesia’s 1965 Genocide: Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism

September 30th 1965 marked the beginning of what was to become one of Indonesia’s darkest chapters.

That night, six high-ranking army officers were kidnapped and killed in an attempted coup known as the September 30th Movement.

The army, led by US-backed General Suharto, took advantage of the situation and blamed the murders on the Indonesian PKI, the world’s third-largest communist party after those in the Soviet Union and China. The military junta’s claim was never corroborated to this day.

The Indonesian president at the time, Sukarno, a leader of the non-aligned movement aimed at reshaping the world without the control and conditional assistance of wealthy countries, was subsequently ousted.

Over the years that followed, up to three million Indonesians, accused of being affiliated with the communist party or leftist politics, would be killed, while hundreds of thousands more were maimed, raped or imprisoned.

Internationally, and against the backdrop of the Cold War, Sukarno was becoming increasingly intolerable to West Germany, the U.S. and their close allies.

Our teams declassified documents from the West German foreign office incriminating the former Nazi country and its active involvement in the Genocide just 20 years following the end of WWII and the defeat of fascism.

Our film, “Indonesia’s 1965 Genocide: Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism,” will reveal the previously unknown role played by West Germany in crushing Indonesia’s communist movement at the height of the Cold War. Coming soon.

1965 Indonesian Massacre Survivor Speaks on Dumping Bodies

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Martono is a survivor of the 1965 Indonesian Massacre, which started 56 years ago today, and one of over 1 million people imprisoned by the Indonesian Army which received intelligence, money and armaments from the West to overthrow Indonesia’s anti-colonial President and install a dictatorship that supported the West’s interests.

In our upcoming documentary, “Indonesia’s 1965 Genocide: Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism,” Martono shows us how he was forced by the Indonesian military to dump bodies of communist victims in the Solo River in Central Java.

“I was actually a prisoner. I had no choice, I was forced to. If I had refused, I would be dead by now.”

Unmarked Mass Grave of the 1965 Indonesian Massacre

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Bambang Mulyono is a survivor of the 1965 Indonesian Massacre, which started 56 years ago today.

In our upcoming documentary, “Indonesia’s 1965 Genocide: Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism,” 

Mulyono takes us on a journey to the Purwodadi Botanical Garden in East Java, where an unmarked mass grave of hundreds of victims’ bodies, including those of his own family, was uncovered.

The Indonesian Massacre of over 3 million communists and other suspected left-wing sympathizers took place over such a vast region and over such a very long period that there isn’t an exact official number of the victims to this day, with very few graves being known.

Survivor of 1965 Indonesian Genocide

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Tasmi is a survivor of the 1965 Indonesian genocide, in which over 3 million communists, trade unionists, and other suspected left-wing sympathizers in Indonesia were murdered, and over 1 million more imprisoned in concentration camps.

56 years ago today, the anti-communist Indonesian military and its Western allies instigated a rumor about an alleged failed mutiny by Indonesian left-wing military officers, which led to a right-wing counter-revolution financially backed by capitalist West Germany, the CIA, MI6, and other foreign intelligence services. Amidst the cold war, they orchestrated a campaign of massacres and installed a brutal and corrupt Western-backed and financed dictatorship.

These anti-communist massacres destroyed the popular Indonesian Communist Party (PKI) that, at its height, became the largest communist party in the world outside of China and the Soviet Union, gathering 3.5 million members, and another 20 million in affiliated organizations.

Our full documentary, “Indonesia’s 1965 Genocide: Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism,” coming out soon.

55 years ago, on 30th September 1965, an attempted coup was used as a pretext by the US-backed Indonesian Army and paramilitary groups to exterminate up to one million people accused of being affiliated with the country’s communist party or supporting leftist politics. We spoke to one of the survivors.

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Indonesia 1965 Genocide : Germany’s Unknown War Against Communism

Versi panjang dari film ini akan segera tayang di awal Januari 2022



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