[Rekaman] Panel 9 ALTERSEA 9 July 2021 – Revisiting the Memory of 1965 :  Writing and Artworks of Indonesian Young Generations [Orchestrating Immutable Songs, #1965SetiapHari, FIS 65, Studio Malya]

Rvisiting the Memory of 1965 :  Writing and Artworks of Indonesian Young Generations

This panel intends to discuss the memory of 1965 through the writings and artworks produced by the Indonesian young generation. In recent years, an increasing number of young ages have shared their understanding and perception of 1965. Unlike the survivors who focus on publishing testimonies in printed books or documentary videos, the young generation benefits from the technology era by placing their creative writings and artworks on the internet. Presenting on various digital platforms, their works reach the audience and allows the writers and artists to interact with the audience. Given that they were born when the New Order systematically buried the violence of 1965, these writings and artworks create a site of trans-generational dialog to reconstitute and shape a model of Indonesian culture.

periksa abstrak presentasi dan biodata pembicara

PANEL 9 – ALTERSEA Conference discussion 09/07/2021

[Presentation] Kelana Wisnu Sapta Nugraha (Padjadjaran University, Indonesia) – Panel 9 ALTERSEA

Orchestrating Immutable Songs  : Re-reading the Impact of the 1965 Massa Killings on Indonesia Music History

[Presentation] Rangga Purbaya, Sirin Farid Stevy and Debby Gea (FIS 1965, Indonesia) – Faith in Speculations

Faith in Speculations 65 An Offering to The God of Probabilities

[Presentation] Wulan Dirgantoro (Melbourne University, Australia) – #1965SetiapHari: Transnational Spaces and Memory Activism of the 1965-66 mass killings

[Presentation] Mega Nur (Studio Malya, Indonesia) – Denoting the Generation: Youth Perspective and ‘65 Tragedy

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Karya Instalasi “Have You Heard It Lately?” – Studio Malya : Mendengarkan Narasi Sejarah Yang Dipinggirkan

Cerita-cerita dari 1965 Indonesia, Dihidupi Setiap Hari #1965setiaphari

Serial Podcast ‘1965 Setiap Hari’ #1965SetiapHari 

simak 1500 ‘entry’ lainnya pada link berikut

Daftar Isi Perpustakaan Genosida 1965-1966

Road to Justice : State Crimes after Oct 1st 1965 (Jakartanicus)


13043485_10209343122352841_1135692553504633931_n (1)

Definisi yang diusulkan D. Nersessian (2010) untuk amandemen/ optional protocol Konvensi Anti-Genosida (1948) dan Statuta Roma (2000) mengenai Pengadilan Kejahatan Internasional. (disalin dari Harry Wibowo)


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