Reframing History : Nicaragua Revisited; Karya Film dan Foto Susan Meiselas tentang ‘Revolusi’ Sandinista [*Melawan Rezim Diktator Somoza Dukungan Amerika Serikat]

Bagaimana Komunis Sandinista Menggulingkan Diktator Somoza? –

“Somoza mungkin bajingan, tapi dia bajingan kita,” ujar Presiden Amerika Serikat Franklin D. Roosevelt pada 1939 kepada majalah Time tentang diktator Nikaragua, Jenderal Somoza.

Pada 17 Juli 1979, Frente Sandinista de Liberación Nacional (FSLN) menggulingkan diktator Nikaragua Anastasio Somoza. BBC melaporkan, setelah pertempuran yang sengit di ibukota Managua, Somoza kabur bersama 45 orang lainnya dan mendarat di pangkalan Angkatan Udara AS di dekat Miami, Florida.

Belajar Dari Sandinista di Nikaragua – Coen Husain Pontoh

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Reframing History: Nicaragua Revisited (Susan Meiselas Lecture)

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Susan Meiselas, spoke about her 2004 project “Reframing History,” which vividly engages themes of collective memory, transformation, and continuity in the aftermath of great civil conflict. Meiselas initially captured a series of now-iconic images depicting the Nicaraguan Revolution in the year 1978-79. In July 2004, for the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of Somoza, she returned to Nicaragua with 19 mural-sized versions of her 1978-79 photographs, working with local communities to install them in the exact sites where they had been originally taken.

A Film by Susan Meiselas, Richard P. Rogers and Alfred Guzzetti

In this lively, intellectually stimulating discourse on the power of images, renowned photographer Susan Meiselas returns to the scenes of a revolution she witnessed and captured with her camera. Richly suffused with context and color, PICTURES FROM A REVOLUTION catches up with the places and people behind Meiselas’ iconic photographs of war-torn Nicaragua in the late 70’s and 80’s. Delving into the lives of guerillas, Sandinistas, and bystanders, scattered from Miami to Managua, a decade after they faced off in a bloody struggle, this artful film finds both disappointment and modest pride amidst still-fresh, stirring memories. Once photographed wielding contact bombs and marching in the streets, these incredible Nicaraguans now live much as they did before the revolutionary days. The stories behind the acclaimed photos will ignite a new understanding of social struggle while inviting reflection on the war photographer’s complex relationship with her subjects.

PICTURES FROM A REVOLUTION is also a smart, unvarnished tale of the evolution of images as they run headlong into popular culture and political agendas. “Rigorous, hard-hitting yet deeply personal and compassionate” (Los Angeles Times).

*With this purchase comes a free streamable copy of REFRAMING HISTORY. In July 2004, for the 25th anniversary of the overthrow of Somoza, Susan returned to Nicaragua with nineteen mural-sized images of her photographs from 1978-1979, collaborating with local communities to create sites for collective memory. The project, “Reframing History,” placed murals on public walls and in open spaces in the towns, at the sites where the photographs were originally made.

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Pictures From A Revolution

Susan Meiselas – 25 años después (julio 2004)
(Reframing History)

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In 1979, the Sandinistas won a popular revolution in Nicaragua, putting an end to decades of the corrupt US-backed Somoza dictatorship. They based their reformist ideology on that of the English Co-operative Movement, but was to prove too ‘radical’ for the Reagan administration. In this film, Pilger describes the achievements of the Sandinistas and their “threat of a good example”.

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simak 1600 ‘entry’ lainnya pada link berikut

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