Kompilasi Suara/Ingatan ‘1965 di Panggung Teater : Gejolak Makam Keramat, Nyanyi Sunyi Kembang Genjer, Setjangkir Kopi Dari Plaja hingga Mwathirika

Highlights of Theatre Performance “Gejolak Makam Keramat” – ASIA Ajar

ulasan-ulasan  bisa disimak di Gejolak Makam Keramat

The Silent Song of The Genjer Flowers

A Theater Performance by Faiza Mardzoeki

The Silent Song of the Genjer Flowers” was first performed in Jakarta, Indonesia in 2014. The play is about five elderly women survivors of the 1965 mass killings, who got arrested and of long term imprisonment. They relate their experiences and truths to a young woman of Indonesia’s current generation, who have been kept ignorant of reality of the events of 1965, and the lives and struggles of the millions of people active in struggle to build their county before 1965. [https://www.learning65.com/]

Secangkir Kopi Dari Plaja

Papermoon Puppert Theatre


SETJANGKIR KOPI DARI PLAJA is inspired by a true story of a romantic couple in the era of 1960’s in Indonesia, which may open our eyes to appreciate the things we have and to understand the beauty of love. Wi, is a young man who was sent by the government on 1960 to learn to be a Metallurgic expert in Russia. Just before he left Indonesia, he promised his fiancée, that he would marry her as soon as he finished his studies. But after several years studying in Russia, the 30th September 1965 tragedy occurred. Because the situation that he was sent to a communist country, his passport was taken by Indonesian New Order government, which caused him to lose his citizenship. He couldn’t contact his family for forty years. During those years he chose not to get married, because he wanted to keep his promise to his fiancée even though he didn’t know when they would ever meet again. He tried to find his long lost lover for 40 years… [https://www.learning65.com/]


versi lengkap bisa disimak di
Papermoon Puppet Theatre: ‘Mwathirika’ (Complete) | Asia Society
(kala pementasan di New York 2012)

info-liputan-resensi sila kunjung ‘Mwathirika’ 

Teater Temu Rindu

A Theater Performance by Kipper Yogyakarta


This performance retell a story about lost, about happiness, about rights that were forcibly taken, about attrocities that happened to a family, to a group of people in a village who were accused of having a connection with the Indonesian Communist Party. Through performance, these survivors enacting agency, allowing their stories to fill in our space and engage us in a dialogue about what had happened to many families, children, friends, neighbors after the 1965 tragedy. [https://www.learning65.com/]

berita pentas teater Kalanirsuara yang teerinpirasi album musik Dialita

*belum/tidak ditemukan  publikasi dokumentasi videonya

“Kalanirsuara”, Pentas Inspiratif dari Senarai Perempuan Penyintas ’65 


simak 1700 ‘entry’ lainnya pada link berikut

Daftar Isi Perpustakaan Genosida 1965-1966

Road to Justice : State Crimes after Oct 1st 1965 (Jakartanicus)



13047818_10209343119272764_8338060706038815101_o13043485_10209343122352841_1135692553504633931_n (1)

Definisi yang diusulkan D. Nersessian (2010) untuk amandemen/ optional protocol Konvensi Anti-Genosida (1948) dan Statuta Roma (2000) mengenai Pengadilan Kejahatan Internasional. (disalin dari Harry Wibowo


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