[unduh] Himpunan ‘BULLETIN TAPOL’ tentang Tahanan Politik Indonesia (‘1965″ dan Lainnya) / TAPOL BULLETIN on Indonesian Political Prisoners

TAPOL campaigns for human rights, peace and democracy in Indonesia. We are based in the UK and work to raise awareness of human rights issues in Indonesia, including in the contested territory of West Papua. Founded on grassroots campaigning, TAPOL works closely with local organisations in Indonesia to advocate for truth and justice and encourage the international community to take action.

TAPOL was established in 1973 by Carmel Budiardjo, a political prisoner in Indonesia following former President Suharto’s rise to power in 1965. An Amnesty International prisoner of conscience, Carmel was released after three years’ imprisonment without trial and returned to the UK. She founded TAPOL (which means ‘political prisoner’ in Indonesian) to campaign for release of the tens of thousands of political prisoners remaining in Indonesia following the 1965 atrocities, and in support of the relatives of the hundreds of thousands who were killed. While the campaign has since broadened, TAPOL continues to advocate for the victims of one of the twentieth century’s worst massacres and best-kept secrets.


For the past forty years TAPOL has consistently campaigned for justice in Indonesia, including Aceh, East Timor and West Papua. We have spoken out on behalf of human rights defenders under threat, challenged military and police abuses, monitored and opposed UK arms sales to Indonesia, and raised awareness of the disastrous  impacts of mega-projects such as the Freeport McMoran gold and copper mine and the Merauke Integrated Food and Energy Estate in West Papua.

TAPOL promotes democracy in Indonesia by monitoring major national elections and supporting local campaigns for the right to free expression and the release of political prisoners. We also support local peacebuilding initiatives through quiet diplomacy at the international level. TAPOL’s news translation service plays a key role in ensuring that the voices of journalists in West Papua, the most politically isolated region of Indonesia, can be heard.

TAPOL’s staff are supported by a team of dedicated long-term volunteers, as well as students and professionals around the world who offer their free time and research, language or communications skills to help with specific projects. TAPOL works with a number of local organisations in West Papua and has a wide network of partners based in Indonesia, the UK and worldwide.

disalin dari https://www.tapol.org/about-us

Simak pula Carmel Budiardjo: Survivor Gulag Indonesia (65), Peraih Penghargaan the Right Livelihood Award,Putri Sulung Bangsa Papua, Tjut dan Bintang Timor Leste

*Tapol Bulettin dari tahun penerbitan edisi pertamanya tahun 1973 hingga sekitar tahun 1976-1977  lebih banyak menyoroti persoalan tahanan politik ’65, namun pada edisi-edisi selanjutnya dibarengi sorotan terhadap tahanan politik lainnya seperti Aceh, Timor Timur, Papua Barat.

(1973) Tapol bulletin no, 1, August 1973.

Contents: General Sumitro: “Judicially we’re weak, froma humanitarian point of view, we’re even weaker …” — In the House of Commons: Thirty nine MPs express deep concern over Indonesia’s political prisoners — in the House of Lords: Lord Avebury questions defence secretary on Indonesia — The number game continues — British aid to Indonesia further increased — Tapol campaign gathers support — Vigil planned for Indonesia’s Independence Day — Special campaign for imprisoned Indonesian film director

 (1973) Tapol bulletin no, 2, November 1973.

Contents: Question in the House of Commons — Vigil outside the Indonesian Embassy — MPs visit Indonesian Embassy in London — Two more signatories to early day motion on Indonesian political prisoners — Indonesia now on Human Rights blacklist — Selected works of imprisoned poet published — Ambassador ‘briefs’ Indonesian students in the Netherlands — The numbers game continues — Conditions on Buru — Arrests in Bandung — Malnutrition in Ambarawa Prison — Arrests in Jakarta on Independence Day — Prison labour for tourist project — The fate of an ex-detainee — Tapol question causes embarrassment for Indonesian observer — Trials take their steady toll, eight years after the event — Tapols’ attitudes must change, says General — Amnesty Groups petition visiting General – The tapols, case notes: Rivai Apin, poet ; Mrs Njono, housewife ; Martojo, computer engineer

 (1974) Tapol bulletin no, 3, January 1974.

Contents: Tapol strongly disapproves of Queen’s visit to Indonesia — Campaign activities during December IGGI meeting — Campaign for the release of imprisoned MPs, Australian MPs, TU and Church Leaders’ statement — Demonstrations and arrests during PM Tanaka’s visit — Tapols dying of starvation in Indonesia — KOPKAMTIB is unconstitutional says Indonesian Lawyer — A glimpse of conditions on Buru — President Suharto’s letter to Pramudya Ananta Tur — Purge of all category C government employees — Lawyers, students and professors arrested in new wave of repression — Accused exposes torture in military detention centrre — Amnesty International Report on torture in Indonesia — The tapols, case notes: Mrs Siti Mudigdio, MP ; Njoman S. Pendit, writer and translator

 (1974) Tapol bulletin no, 4, April 1974.

Contents: Tapol at the theatre — A daughter appeals for her tapol father — Britain’s aid to Indonesia — The Queen’s visit to Indonesia — Australian campaign launched — Australian Trade Unionists call for firm stand on tapols — The aftermath of the anti-Tanaka riots — Members of Parliament detained — Lawyers detained — President Suharto and the Role of the Press — Yap Thiam Hien, lawyer — Hariman Siregar, student leader — Letter from a tapol’s son — Ex-detainees forced to work for Army — Religious indoctrination for tapols – Even this is too risky — Parties in the pay of the government — Soviet dissident pleads for amnesty for Indonesian tapols

 (1974) Tapol bulletin no, 5, June 1974.

Contents: Massive transfers of political prisoners — British labour government strengthens ties with Suharto Regime — Ex-tapol tours Australia and New Zealand — Indonesia named as human rights violator in US congress report — Australia trains Indonesian Army Intelligence officers — New Indonesian Ambassador to Holland was ‘brains behind the torture’ — West Berlin in teach-in on tapols — IGGI countries to further increase aid to Indonesia — Security troops hold ‘readiness’ exercises — January demonstrators under arrest face subversion charges — Military control of the press tightens — Severe restarints imposed on student activity — More Pro-PKI remnants unearthed — Compulsory land redistribution leads to threats and arrests

(1974) Tapol bulletin no, 6, August 1974.

Contents: January incident trials begin — More on tapol forced labour — Indonesian intelligence officers training in Australia — And in Britain … — An eyewitness account – Sunday Observer – Australia, 16/6/74 — Buru island permanently closed to foreigners — Imprisoned painter’s work made into postcard — US Senator: US ‘underwrites repression & militarism in Indonesia’ — Another death sentence — ‘October week’ in Britain — Protest against British destroyer visit to Jakarta

(1974) Tapol bulletin no, 7, October 1974.

Contents: Tapol and the Indonesian Defence Dept. — Hariman Siregar trial drags on — U.K. vessels for Indonesia — Indonesian ambassador ‘not happy’ about the tapols — Australia and Indonesia — Australian Professor concerned about intensified repression in Indonesia — Danny Boy — ‘Laboratorium’ for tapols in West Kalimantan — Remission of sentences — but not political prisoners — Ex-tapols being re-arrested — KOPKAMTIB chief inspects Buru — Political prisoner on trial in Aceh — October week in Britain — Purge of civil servants continues

 (1975) Tapol bulletin no, 8, January 1975.

Contents: Mass murders in Irian Jaya — So there are no tapols in Indonesia … — Unrest among tapols on Buru — Religious leaders protest at foreign office — The latest arrests — New concentration camp in Sulawesi — Health conditions on Buru — Ex-tapol tours Germany — Non-involvement certificates still required — Government purge continues — 100,000 tapols says social worker — Gen. Ali said admits: ‘C’ category not yet all freed — 30 tapols to be tried in Java — Letter from a tapol — Yap Thiam Hien released — Australian lawyers support arrested colleague — hariman Siregar gets 6 years — UK- Indonesian political prisoners, tapol, Buru Island detention camp, corruption, unemployment, Mochtar Lubis, Amnesty International, IGGI, Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesian naval exercises — Sterling interests in Indonesian political prisoners, tapol, Buru Island detention camp, corruption, unemployment, Mochtar Lubis, Amnesty International, IGGI, Inter-Governmental Group on Indonesia — British students concerned for tapols

(1975) Tapol bulletin no, 9, March 1975.

Contents: Women on trial — A question of numbers — Political trials – the 1965 cases: Two more death sentences — Political trials – the 1974 cases: Lecture notes and speeches the basis for subversion charges — Mochatar Lubis arrested — Eighty naval officers arrested — Spotlight on women — Indonesia: the prison state — MPs urge HMG to press Indonesian government — Indonesian diplomat refuses to talk — Tapol – a new internationalism? — — National Peace Council visits foreign office — Portuguese Timor: Indonesian military preparing for military invasion? — New restrictions imposed on political parties — Oedipus banned — Age and non-involvement certificates — Nusakembangan prison Island and the cement factory

(1975) Tapol bulletin no, 10, June 1975.

Contents: Dutch warn: free tapols or face aid cut — An excuse to step up repression — Pres. Suharto makes world tour — U. S. Congress would curb aid to repressive governments — Pentagon bares new aid hocus-pocus — Sy Ahrir rejects all charges, defends his stand — Two 1974 tapols die — Indonesia: the prison state — One repressor to another — Health conditions on Buru — Adam Malik faces questioning at council of Europe — Government officials refuse to meet amnesty mission — The situation in East Timor — National Peace Council Lobbies foreign office — CBI mission in Indonesia

(1975) Tapol bulletin no, 11, August 1975.

Contents: Ten long years — The show trials grind on — Ten Buru tapols found dead — Sy Ahrir rejects all charges, defends his stand — Two 1974 tapols die — Indonesia: the prison state — One repressor to another — Is aid to Indonesia justified? — Indonesian and South Korean Attorney Generals get together

(1975) Tapol bulletin no, 12, October 1975.

Contents: East Timor: Indonesian takeover means bloodshed and terror — Sukarno’s widow writes to Pres. Ford — Category C defines … at last! — Sabre-rattling General lets off steam — A citizen wants to know — “This inhumanity cannot be alowed to go on like a cancer” — Activities for tenth anniversary — Information on prisons — News of releases — Background information and glossary

 (1975) Tapol bulletin no, 13, December 1975.

Contents: The release plan: an analysis — 14 1/2 year release plan for tapols? — Buyung Nasution and other 1974 tapols released — Tapol-U.S.A. demonstrates — New restrictions on U.S. aid to terror regimes — Former police chief speaks out on regime — Voting rights for ‘C’ prisoners a boon? — Parliamentary group meets protests in Holland — 172 MP’s receive letters about the tapols — Janet Suzman and Malcolm McDowell in Tapol Production — British military ties — Indonesia Oct. 1965- Feb. 1966 — Book Reviews: A Heap of Ashes by Pramoedya Ananta Toer ; Indonesia: the Bloodbath that Was by Deirdre Griswold ; Timor: Freedom caught between the powers by Denis Freney ; Ten Years’ Military Terror in Indonesia edited by Malcolm Caldwell — Tranquility unlimited — Indonesian troops poised to destroy Fretilin in East Timor

(1976) Tapol bulletin no, 14, February 1976.

Contents: Tapol goes to U.S. Congress — E. Timor … and Pertamina — Some signs of progress? — Congressional hearing on Indonesia — Rep. Bonker opposes Ford’s visit — U.K. aid to Indonesia: former minister speaks out — Trials: two death and two life sentences — Papuans shot trying to cross frontier — Suharto ready for the ‘final solution’ — Admiral Sudomo on releases — Comments on the Sudomo statement — Second Buru camp — “They’re not tapols” — 500 new tapols a year — New York Times gets news from ex-tapols — The Pertamina disaster — Abolished? yes … and no! — The British Campaign for an independent East Timor reports: Indonesian invasion resisted — Book Reviews: Black Armada by Rupert Lockwood ; The Papuans of Irian Jaya by Justus M. van der Kroef

(1976) Tapol bulletin no, 15, April 1976.

Contents: Spotlight on the massacres — Human rights cover-up at UN — Lawyer urges release of ’74 tapols — Massacres in East Java — The great Indonesian massacre — U.S. Congress discusses aid cut — Film on Tapols — Ex-minister on trial — Editor forced to eat his words

(1976) Tapol bulletin no, 16, June 1976.

Contents: A question of aid — From inside the prisons — Congressional hearings continue — An Indonesian embassy gets busy — Dutch aid review? — Sudomo speaks again — A trial in focus — More Papuans shot dead — Indonesia heads black list — Civil servants’ rights — 43 million pounds of UK aid since ’66 — Pertamina crisis worsens — Holland America Line — Glossary — Suggested Reading: The Military Balance 1975-1976

(1976) Tapol bulletin no, 17, August 1976.

Contents: Labour camps grow — British arms sales to Indonesia? — Indonesia at the I.L.O. — Buru: some facts — 26,000 purged — Malari event: who’s guilty? — Sudomo’s new pledges — Severe sentences continue — East Timor: “Integration”

(1976) Tapol bulletin no, 18, October 1976.

Contents: Eleven years — Release pledges reneged — Trials: Another death sentence — Political imprisonment -seen from the inside — State of health — Recent arrests — Timor: Many arrests in West Timor — The 1977 elections and political freedoms — Ex-Tapols to Buru? — IGGI approves 2400 million dollars credit for 1976/77 — CIA on 1965 events

(1977) Tapol bulletin no, 19, January 1977.

Contents: ‘Release’ … transmigration’ — 2500 released …. to go to camps — US visa denied — Two interviews, Yap Thiam Hien, Sitor Situmorang — Protest in London — Ex. Minister dies in prison — Recommended reading: Analysis of responsibility by Sudisman ; Geographische Rundschau

(1977) Tapol bulletin no, 20, February 1977.

Contents: Massacres and torture in East Timor — Four prisoners killed — Foreign aid to Indonesia — Plantungan to close? — Britain’s new aid Minister — Tapol in Sulawesi interviewed double counting of releases — A tapol’s wife writes — Non-involvement certificates — Minister bans song — Recommended reading: Generals and business in Indonesia by Harold Crouch

 (1977) Tapol bulletin no, 21, April 1977.

Contents: Red Cross report — Amnesty International statement for Tapol Bulletin — President Carter, human rights and Indonesia — Congressional hearing on atrocities in Timor — Tempo: KOPKAMTIB detention illegal? — Honesty is dangerous — A tapol writes to the Red Cross — General elections and dirty tricks — Jehovah’s witness banned

(1977) Tapol bulletin no, 22, June 1977.

Contents: The tapols and Timor — Tapol song on cassette — Subversion trial in Irian Jaya — Recommended reading: “Indonesia’s political prisoners” by Justus M. van der Kroef — The Admiral fights back … Releases: two official explanations — Indonesia’s human rights lobby by Cheryl Payer — Exports up – debts too — Aid-to-Indonesia news — New arrests — Film: More than a million years — New labour camp in Kalimantan

(1977) Tapol bulletin no, 23, August 1977.

Contents: New tasks for 13th year — Psycho-tests for Category B tapols — Sawito to be tried — ILO: Indonesia violates forced labour convention — Punished for religious convictions — Tapols face threat of execution — Congressional hearings continue — A year’s sentence for criticising the government — World Bank to aid Indonesia

(1977) Tapol bulletin no, 24, October 1977.

Contents: Killings and arrests in Irian Java — Forced labour in East Kalimantan — UN to discuss Indonesia — Indonesia’s release plan: a policy of deceit — Those let out of prison — Transmigration and re-settlement — Release on Buru — Other labour camps — Impact of Human Rights Campaign — East Timor update: Indonesian offensive launched — The numbers game — Fretilin President under arrest — Students worried about arrests

(1978) Tapol bulletin no, 25, December 1977.

Contents: A tropical Siberia — Amnesty report on Indonesia — Sudomo on releases — Foreign newsman visits prisons — The Sawito trial — Catholic Church takes a stand — Thousands of students demonstrate — Censorship: film banned, pamphlet banned — Underground groups discovered — East Timor and Irian Jaya: detention and atrocities Supplement: “Buru” issued by: Tapol: British Campaign for the Release of Indonesian Political Prisoners The Devilish Island — Indonesia: Prison algebra — Buru, the island of brutality — Indonesia: a look at the political exile island of Buru — Prisoners make notorious island reasonably prosperous — The Far Eastern Economic Review: “The struggle for survival on Buru” by David Jenkins

(1978) Tapol bulletin no, 26, February 1978.

Contents: Report on forced labour — Crackdown on dissent — East Timor report — Release and transmigration 1977: a survey — Sudomo: The K’s and the L’s — Statement of intellectuals and men of the arts in Indonesia — Pramudya Ananta Toer

(1978) Tapol bulletin no, 27, April 1978.

Contents: No warplanes for Indonesia — Repression of student dissent — More of the numbers game — Major incidents of student protest — Political prisoner release in Indonesia — Congressional hearings — Trials! Trials! Trials! — Letter from Buru Special Supplement contents: To the 1978 Annual Delegate Meeting of the NUJ — “The freest Press in Southeast Asia” — Foreign journalists killed in Timor — Black paint experts — Journalists in prison

(1978) Tapol bulletin no, 28, June 1978.

Contents: Bartering human rights — Yap on the Rule of Law — More on the 1977 releases — Psychotests: foreign scientists involved — A story of ex-tapols from Buru — 1978 crackdown … — Letter from Jogjakarta — Rendra arrested — International campaign for Rendra’s release — British MPs reject warplanes deal — International Red Cross resumes Tapol visits — IGGI meeting approves more credits — Warplanes through the looking glass — Letter from a released tapol — Trials — Letter from East Timor

(1978) Tapol bulletin no, 29, August 1978.

Contents: The releases: an assessment — More releases reported — No warplanes for Indonesia — Tapol protest to British government — Suharto and the Latief trial: a painful revelation — ILO calls for prompt release of all tapols — The lot of an ex-tapol — Trials — Rendra still in prison — East Timor update

(1978) Tapol bulletin no, 30, October 1978.

Contents: Starvation camps in East Timor — No warplanes for Indonesia: Hawk sale doubled? — More Tapols released — Abuse of psychology — A letter from Buru — Excerpts from the 1978 student white book — Anti-subversion Act under attack — Press censorship: the case of Topik

 (1978) Tapol bulletin no, 31, Dec-Jan 1978-9.

Contents: 6157 Tapols held on plantations — 1978 releases completed — Buru: a rose by any other name … — Families demand right to return home — Dozens of students to be tried — Religious freedoms under attack — Indonesia: power and justice — East Timor update — Noam Chomsky addresses the UN — Legal reform: stricken conscience or tactical manoeuvre? — Book review: The Rule of the Sword: The Story of West Irian by Nonie Sharp — Army suppresses worker activities

(1979) Tapol bulletin no, 32, February 1979.

Contents: Tapol campaign intensifies — North Sumatra contract workers — KOPKAMTIB lays down the law –Banned! Banned! Banned! — Are you still alive father? — The disappeared — Trials — Civilianisation: With a catch — Workers’ grievances met with force: Lack of protection for Indonesian workers hightlighted by recent unrest — Book Review: East Timor: Nationalism and colonialism by Jill Jolliffe — Censorship on the campuses

(1979) Tapol bulletin no, 33, April 1979.

Contents: Support the students on trial! — Defence take strong position — “This trial a farce”-student defendant –Sudomo speaks again — Sudomo expels hulst — Ex-tapols town arrest — Amnesty International at least 30,000 tapols still being held — What’s going on in Savana Jaya? — Tight reporting restrictions on trials — West Irian: Papuan refugees betrayed — Land disputes “resolved” by force — “Law of anger” : Sudomo’s new “legal” manoeuvre

(1979) Tapol bulletin no, 34, June 1979.

Contents: Thousands of ‘B’ Tapols will remain after 1979 — Buru and Savana Jaya — At least 1000 Tapols in Kalimantan camps — Indictment of Doddy Chusniati Suriadiredja — The student of trial — Defence protests to Supreme Court — The fate of a Tapol after “release” — Students defy ‘normalisation’ — State Department challenged — Psycho-deception: enquiry ends in cover-up — Tapol trials research: preliminary findings — Moslem detainees released — Iggi Aid: behind the mask of development — East Timor — Hostile reception for Suharto in PNG

 (1979) Tapol bulletin no, 35, August 1979.

Contents: “Unpublicised releases” balance the numbers — Letter to Tempo: “Where can I find justice?” — Indonesia again challenged at ILO — A plea from Savana Jaya — Defence plea banned — Strike movement spreads — Ex-tapols beware! — Reactions to the strikes — Colonel Latief’s defence — UN Commission on Human Rights — Weekly banned — Heavy hand at Mulawarman University — Prisoners in Maluku — Komando Jihad is no more — Defendant: Dutch State — Alarico Fernandes – murdered? — East Timor aid diverted to traders — PKI blamed for peasant protest — “Relative self-sufficiency” – and absolute hunger — International Red Cross urged to increase visits — Sudomo’s good name besmirched

(1979) Tapol bulletin no, 36, October 1980.

Contents: Suharto to visit Britain! — 4000 more released as ex-tapols forced to re-register — Ex-tapols fear ‘voluntary’ transmigration — Savana Jaya: Rp11,600,00; the cost of freedom — Prison conditions worsen — East Timor: Catholic Priest calls for UN sanctions — Human rights violations in East Timor — Non-Bloc conference support independence — 1500 Tapols in West Irian — Peasants arrested and tortured — Jenggawah (Jember), East Java — Railwaymen’s leader on trial — Visit to Sukarno’s tomb called off — Students on trial: the verdict so far — Student journals banned — Legal cosmetic surgery — Non-involvement certificates for school leavers — Law seminar banned — Defence plea ban angers lawyers — Sacked for forming a union

(1980) Tapol bulletin no, 37, January 1980.

Contents: Campaign against repression will continue — New year’s greetings to all good friends abroad! — 3-year release plan ends — Indonesia’s political trials: ‘Legal’ dimensions of a continuing tragedy — Rex Mortimer — Protesters greet Suharto — ‘Tempo’ publishes letter from Tapol — Political exiles may return but … — A million Chinese to be repatriated

 (1980) Tapol bulletin no, 38, March 1980.

Contents: 1980 Tapol statement — Where is Trubus Sudarsono? He disappeared — Ex-Tapol receives Unicef award — Citizenship: weeding out the Chinese — Heri Akhmadi on student trials and normalisation — Students demonstrate against ‘normalisation’ — What’s going on in Kalimantan? — Book review: Annual report on Fundamental Human Rights in Indonesia 1979 — Land disputes — Aceh tapols — Garuda pilots dismissed — A petty despot’s ‘reconstruction’ in Medan — Tourists: another invasion of the Asmat — Massive forced re-settlement in East Timor — Brutality on Biak — Press freedom: Ali Murtopo elucidates

 (1980) Tapol bulletin no, 39, May 1980.

Contents: The Disappeared — Disappearances in East Timor –Disappearances in Indonesia — The New Order and the issue of human rights — West Papua: Forced repatriation for refugees — West Papuan leader dies after beating — Notes by a blind man by Holla — Confusion over remission for convicted political prisoners — Ex-Tapols subjected to Army check-up — East Timor: Self-determination sought in US Congress — More executions reported — Family reunions cancelled — Suspended teachers have waited 15 years — Anti-Chinese riots — Rendra denied permit to visit Australia — Book review: East Timor, Indonesia and the Western Democracies: a collection of documents edited by Torben Retboll

 (1980) Tapol bulletin no, 40, July 1980.

Contents: Waiting for the executioner — 500 Moslem Tapols still being held — Prisoners tortured in Aceh — Sugeng: the youngest Tapol on Buru — The cost of a “climate of confidence” — East Timor: Timorese refugee priest meets Arch-Bishop of Canterbury — Resistance in East Timor intensifies — Censorship or the big lie — Film censorship — Barriers to Chinese naturalisation — All “A” Tapols but one now tried? — A massacre scene revisited — Book reviews: Indonesia: an alternative history by Malcolm Caldwell and Ernst Utrecht ; Indonesia Facing the 1980s: a political analysis by Oey Hong Lee

 (1980) Tapol bulletin no, 41/42, September/November 1980.

Contents: No freedom yet for released prisoners by an Ex-Tapol — Ex-Tapols threatened with “further restrictions” — Tapol and the man from Hong Kong — The “trial” of D.N. Aidit — Trubus, where are you? — Pramoedya’s first Buru novel is published — Censorship of foreign media intensified — Six Jenggawah peasant defendants found guilty — “Petition-of-50” signatories lose university jobs — DGI calls for amnesty

(1981) Tapol bulletin no, 43, January 1981.

Contents: Editorial: Torture and the sale of military equipment — Serious anti-Chinese riots occur in Central Java — More threats for foreign media — Mass murders in Buru: death lists received — West Irian: Submission to Bertrand Russell Tribunal: Involuntary sterilisation of Papuans in West Irian — Muslim leader reports mal-treatment — Suspensions and expulsions in the campuses — More executions reported — House of Lords discuss East Timor — Babies die in Acehnese prisons — General Yasin to stand trial — Buyung Nasution on human rights abuses

 (1981) Tapol bulletin no, 44, March 1981.

Contents: Army’s control of law sector now absolute — Free-Aceh supporters on trial — Bumi Manusia not banned, but hounded — Mother and daughter given severe sentences — Ex-tapol seeks to defend his rights — The “Indonesianisation” of East Timor — A bit of criticism, a lot of cover-up — Australian journalist ordered to leave Indonesia — Book Reviews: The Women of Indonesia: the struggle for existance by Vrouwen van Indonesia ; Suharto’s Indonesia by Hamish MacDonald — Another free-Papua leader captured

(1981) Tapol bulletin no, 45, May 1981.

Contents: The Hawks and the East Timor War — Ex-Tapols doomed to become pariahs — New military offensive may be under way — Women unfurl Papuan flag in Jayapura — Repression in Aceh — Torture exposed by Acehnese defendant — Some facts about politicial imprisonment in Aceh — Human rights in Indonesia, 1980 — Press censorship and the hijack — Book Review: Indonesian workers and their right to organise — Peasants arrested again in Jenggawah

(1981) Tapol bulletin no, 46, July 1981.

Contents: Pramoedya’s buro novels banned — Government warns against election boycott — Two Papuan detainees murdered — PNG government orders West Papuan refugees to leave — Legal Aid institute under attack — Many political prisoners in Java serving long sentences — Treachery and the civil service — US Green Berets in East Timor? — Tribunal condemns Indonesia’s aggression in East Timor — Labour disputes and military intervention — Book Review: Japanese Transnational Enterprises in Indonesia

(1981) Tapol bulletin no, 48, November 1981.

Contents: Don’t trade with mass murderers — Kopkamtib intervention in labour disputes institutionalised — Joesoef Ishak : journalist and publisher — Demonstration against book-burning in Indonesia — Letters of protest — How Suharto subverted confrontation — Defend peasants and take the consequences! — Former governor of West Irian interviewed by Tapol — Villagers murdered — In memory of Siauw Giok Tjhan — East Timor: At the UN general assembly — President Nyerere on East Timor — East Timor: Portugal’s role revealed — The Charter of 61: opposition or collaboration? — British investments in Indonesia increasing — Book Review: East Timor: the fogotten war — Peasants victimised

selanjutnya bulletin tahun 1982-2008 bisa pula disimak/diunduh melalui


simak juga

[unduh] Laporan Amnesty International Tentang Situasi dan Kondisi Tahanan Politik ’65 di Indonesia (1977)/ Indonesia : Amnesty International Report 1977 (*on Political Prisoner’s ‘65)

simak 1300 ‘entry’ lainnya pada link berikut

Daftar Isi Perpustakaan Genosida 1965-1966

Road to Justice : State Crimes after Oct 1st 1965 (Jakartanicus)


13047818_10209343119272764_8338060706038815101_o13043485_10209343122352841_1135692553504633931_n (1)
Definisi yang diusulkan D. Nersessian (2010) untuk amandemen/ optional protocol Konvensi Anti-Genosida (1948) dan Statuta Roma (2000) mengenai Pengadilan Kejahatan Internasional. (disalin dari Harry Wibowo)

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