Genosida Kolonial Jerman di Namibia (Colonial genocide in Namibia)

Picture This: Namibia’s hidden genocide

Namibia Genocide and the Second Reich

Colonial genocide in Namibia | DW Interview

Germany’s Colonial Genocide in Namibia (Part 1)

Was Germany’s Colonial Genocide in Africa a Precursor of the Nazi Holocaust?

The Herero population of 80,000 was decimated to 15,000; and the Nama population was reduced from 20,000 to 10,000


Germany’s Colonial Genocide in Namibia (Part 2)

German scientists viewed South West African colonies as laboratories

 Germany’s Namibian Legacy by Orlando Reade, April, 2012


History, Memory, And Commemorations: On Genocide And Colonial Past In South West Africa by Silvio Marcus de Souza Correa, Revista Brasileira de História, 2011


The Third Reich in History and Memory by Richard Evans, 2015




A Brutal Genocide in Colonial Africa Finally Gets its Deserved Recognition” by Daniel Gross, Smithsonian Magazine, Oct 2015

Why the Herero Of Namibia Are Suing Germany for Reparations by Daniel Gross, National Public



Genocide in Namibia: Germany remains at odds with its colonial legacy –

Namibia’s Herero people have filed a lawsuit in the US against Germany over a genocide in the early 20th century. The case, which got underway on Tuesday, shows how Germany is still struggling with its colonial past.



Namibia’s reparations and Germany’s first genocide –

Between 1904-1908 German colonial forces wiped out over 80% of the Nama and Herero people’s population in what historians now call “the forgotten genocide”.

A class action suit is being brought against the German government for reparations. Hear descendants of the Herero victims tell their story.

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Prakata dan Daftar Isi Perpustakaan Online Genosida 1965-1966



perpustakaan online (1)


Road to Justice : State Crimes after Oct 1st 1965 (Jakartanicus)

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