Kudeta dan Kejahatan Kemanusiaan Pinochet Hingga Suharto, Memetik Pelajaran Untuk Genosida 1965-1966

Poster Amnesty International
The arpilleras narrated the course of Pinochet’s brutal dictatorship through bold colors, broad stitching, and striking imagery, often incorporating fabrics from their disappeared children’s clothes.

1973 Chilean Coup | 3 Minute History

CIA, Chile & Allende


Uncovering Pinochet’s Secret Death Camps

PINOCHET’S CHILDREN A film by Paula Rodriguez Sickert
The biography of the generation which grew up in Chile under Pinochet’s
dictatorship Documentary, 81 min, 2003 Written, Produced and Directed by: PAULA
RODRIGUEZ SICKERT Produced by: MA.JA.DE, SWR, ARTE and DFFB Supported by:
Filmförderung Berlin Brandenburg and Junges Kuratorium

Wikipedia :

Photographs of victims of Pinochet’s regime

sumber foto : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Human_rights_violations_in_Pinochet%27s_Chile

Indictment and arrest of Augusto Pinochet

Peradilan  Kejahatan Pinochet :

Timeline: The Pinochet legal saga

Below is a guide to the key developments in the legal battle to prosecute Chile’s Gen Augusto Pinochet for human rights abuses during his 1973-1990 military rule and for tax evasion.

Litigating human rights: Amnesty International in the Pinochet case

Human Rights Trials in Chile during and after the‘Pinochet Years’ – Cath Collins*

This article reflects on the Chilean experience of recent accountability actions, namely the attempted prosecution of perpetrators of past human rights violations. While acknowledging the undoubtedly substantial impulse provided by the dramatic October 1998 UK arrest of former dictator Augusto Pinochet, it focuses on domestic actors and drivers in a post-1998 revival of such attempts. The article examines the extent and limitations of recent change in the area of prosecutions in Chile, noting that these have been undertaken at the insistence of private actors rather than the state. It also notes that the self-amnesty law of 1978 is still textually intact despite advances in restricting its application with regards to certain categories of internationally proscribed crimes. Finally, the article examines some explanatory factors for both recent advances and remaining blockages in the Chilean human rights accountability scenario.


Losing Your Dictator: Firms During Political Transition By Felipe Gonzalez and Mounu Prem


Terrorism and Political Violence during the Pinochet Years: Chile, 1973–1989 -Verónica Valdivia Ortiz de Zárate

Mengenang Seniman-Aktivis Victor Jara

Kami lima ribu orang
Di sudut kota ini
Kami lima ribu
Berapa lagi yang akan dikirim ke sini?
Di seluruh kota, seantero negeri
Di sini
10.000 tangan
Yang menyemai ladang,
Menjalankan pabrik
Berapa banyak manusia
Yang kini bersama kelaparan,
Kesakitan, panik, dan teror


(Victor Jara – terjemahan Windu Jusuf)



tentang Victor Jara bisa disimak di Darah September – Windu Jusuf dan Victor Jara, the State University of Technology and the Victor Jara Stadium  bab 2 ebook  NARROW BUT ENDLESSLY DEEP THE STRUGGLE FOR MEMORIALISATION IN CHILE SINCE THE TRANSITION TO DEMOCRACY – PETER READ & MARIVIC WYNDHAM ( Victor Jara’s Murderers Convicted)



Simak 1100 ‘entry’ lainnya pada link berikut

Daftar Isi Perpustakaan Genosida 1965-1966


Road to Justice : State Crimes after Oct 1st 1965 (Jakartanicus)


13047818_10209343119272764_8338060706038815101_o13043485_10209343122352841_1135692553504633931_n (1)
Definisi yang diusulkan D. Nersessian (2010) untuk amandemen/ optional protocol Konvensi Anti-Genosida (1948) dan Statuta Roma (2000) mengenai Pengadilan Kejahatan Internasional. (disalin dari Harry Wibowo)

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